How to Apply the Codes

How to apply the css and html codes to your profile with pictures.
 (Click on the images for larger view.)

STEP ONE: Apply the CSS code.

Open up a separate tab for Profiles.myfreecams.com (this link will take you to the "Customize Profile" page).
Click on the link that says "edit your css directly".

After copying the css code, right click on the original MFC css code and "select all", then right click on it again and click "paste".

Then click on "Update CSS".

STEP TWO: Apply the HTLM code.
After copying the html code, go to the "Edit Profile" page on MFC, click on the "Step Four" tab, and scroll down to "More About Me/Bio", delete anything that you may have already typed in there, right click on the section, and click paste. Then save it.


  1. Im on myfreecams. im new.
    Do you do peoples profiles for them.
    you can reach me at Patrickpagel1407@gmail.com thanks.

  2. Can i use one for severals models?