Monday, May 23, 2016

New Neon Pink Profile

Just made another Pink Neon Layout.

Codes are below, Video tutorial coming soon.

Here's the blank Iphone picture frame that you want to replace with your own:

And the url that you want to replace the iphone pic is: https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-igOIvSbt_eI/V0KXgptaz1I/AAAAAAAALcI/yUI3n3bZ-A8IxDZPzL1jEzmLiuW8quSTgCLcB/s1600/phonepic3.png

The "Your Name" image url that you'll want to replace is: https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-OM7SswsMo7Q/V0KXgphOSbI/AAAAAAAALcE/1_AzmbK2ghcD1ky_IxOofvPmFuhHVbJ3QCLcB/s1600/name.png

Click here to use the same in the image.

CSS Code:

HTML Code (About Me Section):


  1. it didn't work for my profile... did I do something wrong?

  2. I love this, I know nothing about how to put together something like this, I have just started with chaturbate and hope to be on MFC in the near future, would I be able to use something like this on my chaturbate profile?

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  4. didnt work i made a mess maybe? help me

  5. the ones who are having trouble with this, what you need to do first is to delete old CSS code, then paste new one, then copy the html code and post it in the about me section on your profile. the codes you need to delete are easy, if you need help let me know. i wish i could make layouts and i wish i could do the html codes. i use to know all of that stuff but its been so long that i forgot. :( but i am glad they have options for free layouts or id be paying a lot of money for someone else to do it... which is understandable but still.

  6. i am having a hard time finding the picture url for the your picture....

  7. Hello Poker,
    thank you and congrats for this work. I am an old mfc dude and currently visible as Tomasino_ . I did some programming by my self and know how hard it is to get all parts together. Once it is done is looks eazy. Great work... my dream are fading background pictures with under laying music and I already saw something here goin in this directon. So I am playing with your examples to learn more..... for viewers here.. her code works very well...!

  8. Howdy,
    I love the layout and thank you for posting it! I have some questions about it though. I've gotten the header links to work properly, but when I try to make the hearts for the tip me,amazon,and twitter link to my account they don't work. From what I can tell they were not designed as active buttons when the layout was designed. Is there any way to be able to make those active buttons without completely rebuilding the whole code?

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  12. Thank you heaps for your site, it's really helpful. As a previous poster asked how to you make the heart buttons clickable links?

  13. Hey, these are all so amazing! I wondered though whether I could get some help setting it up as I am useless at this technology stuff haha.
    Please email me at laurencaulfield3@gmail.com

    Thank you xxx

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